Sunday, 8 August 2010

Surfer Blood - Harmonix

This is obviously not a music blog, but in a tenuous link to the forthcoming Rock Band 3 here's Surfer Blood's tribute to the game's developers Harmonix. At least I think it is, what with the intentional spelling of the title, and the thinly-veiled pleas to be included in the game with such choice lines as "I won't wait around for your vaults to open / Let us in somehow" and "I won't bargain for / For your affections anymore / And I won't wait around for you to figure it out". It could also be a wry acknowledgment of the fact that music games are one of the few ways that bands, particularly those of the size of Surfer Blood, seem to make any money and gain exposure these days. Whatever; the album that Harmonix is from, Astro Coast, is one of the best guitar records of the last twelve months. They may wear their influences emphatically on their sleeves (Weezer, Pavement) but it matters little when the music is this hook-laden and classically youthful. And judging from the clip below they also look ace live:

Oh, and Rock Band 3 is out on October 29th.

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