Sunday, 17 October 2010

Talking To Real Girls About Videogames

Z: Hello Natalie.
N: Hello!
Z: Hello…Erm, do you like videogames?
N: Love it.
Z: Really?
N: Some of them.
Z: Okay. What videogame is your favourite videogame of all time?
N: Um…Mario Kart.
Z: Which version?
N: N64.
Z: Oh really? Okay…
N: Although I love EA as well.
Z: Oh really? Are you saying that because it’s your job?
N: No. Definitely not.
Z: Definitely not. Okay. Erm, so what was your favourite part of your N64 Mario Kart experience?
N: Um, probably winning Battle every single time with Bowser.
Z: Oh really? Okay. I like Mario Kart N64 as well! Um, any other N64 games you like or…?
N: Um, Snowboard Kids, definitely.
Z: Yeah, I like that as well.
N: GoldenEye, Oddjob…
Z: I’d beat you, but…
N: We don’t know that because we haven’t played.
Z: Well, we can play so…
N: Um, okay, but let’s just agree to disagree for the minute.
Z: No, no, no, no…let’s just assume that I’d win.
N: Let’s make no assumptions at present.
Z: I think it looks like I’m going to have to invite you to my place to play GoldenEye.
N: Okay…
Z: Okay. So, does that mean we can swap numbers?
N: Yep, no problem.
Z: Okay, can I have your number please?
N: Yep, but it’s all being recorded so do you want me to just say it out loud?
Z: No, no, no…let’s, um, swap the numbers after the recording finishes…
N: Okay then, great…
Z: Fantastic, so…girls that like videogames, excellent!
N: Thank you very much.
Z: Thank you very much, cheers. Bye bye!
N: Bye!

First heard on One Life Left, episode #128, which you can listen to/download here.

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