Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Post-it note Pac-Man

I've just returned from holiday, a week-long road trip that took me from the South of Spain to the tip of France. My only gaming companion during this blissful time was a DS Lite and a copy of Rhythm Heaven, which I was revisiting for a future Nintendo DS Club feature. Anyway, one of the most memorable sights, in amongst the beautiful cathedrals and winding, cobbled streets was this office window in Bordeaux; one employee has clearly too much time on their hands, but from their boredom has emerged a cute tribute to one of gaming's greatest icons. All hail the Post-it note Pac-Man:

This photo can (should) be used as a template by office workers the world over; I'll be starting my own Post-it note Pac-Man upon my return to work tomorrow.

It turns out that the above Post-it note Pac-Man wasn't a mere isolated case of office cubicle stupor, but just one volley in a wider French phenomenon that UK newspaper The Guardian has today dubbed 'Paris's Post-it wars'. You can read their article here, accompanied by a mini-gallery of selected Post-it note window artworks here.
French website, from which The Guardian's selection was gathered, has a huge gallery of them, and appears to be updated daily. The vast majority are grin-inducing tributes to 8-bit heroes of the past. including one depicting the dog from Duck Hunt! Productivity of the highest order.

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